Hot Air Balloon Bakery

Happy Cookies, Happy People

~ Hello Everybody ~

Thank you for visiting my humble site..

I am an aspiring home baker and still trying out recipes that can make people happy. Everyday I will be looking for something sweet to eat. Cookies, cakes, candies, soda, you name it. Then again, it is every woman's consciousness to decrease our waistlines. So I cut back on the sugar amount in everything I bake.

Why the name Hot Air Balloon Bakery? Well, that is because I have been wanting to try a hot air balloon ride since young. And kind of link it with baking. Both are all about hot air, controlling the temperature and the cooling part for the finishing.

My cookies ain't the best but some of them turn out to be my satisfying tea break snack. And eventually I decided to create a small home business for some pocket money.

Hope you will enjoy the cookies as much as I do! All feedback and comments are greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your patience and support!

❤ Top 3 Must Try ❤

No.1 Tea-Licious Assorted Cookies

No.2 Everything Chocolaty Assorted Cookies

No.3 Matcha Matcha Cookies

Can't wait to get some COOKIES?

Here are some pictures of the cookies that I have baked and experimented.

Hope you will enjoy the cookies as much as I do!